Joe Brown

Backcountry Bliss

Joe Brown, Chairman of Hartzell Propeller

As any backcountry pilot will tell you, there’s nothing like the feeling of escaping city life and landing in an off-airport environment. Backcountry flying is becoming more and more popular as aviators discover the freedom and joy of flying into remote areas accessible only by airplane. At Hartzell Propeller, we share this passion for backcountry flying, and we’re proud to support the adventure-seeking pilots around the world who fly behind our propellers.

In this issue of Leading Edge, we’re thrilled to bring you backcountry flying stories that will inspire outdoor exploration. After over a century in the aviation industry, these are the stories that get us excited. We’re confident you’ll enjoy them, too.

We start by featuring three well-known pilots in the western backcountry community—John McKenna, Mike Todd, and Willie Stene—who share their impressions of our newest, purpose-built propeller, the Voyager. Custom-designed for Cessna 180E/F models, the Voyager offers better takeoff performance, faster cruise speeds, and smoother, quieter operation.

From there, we journey up to the Land of the Midnight Sun to meet several bush pilots flying in Alaska. In this part of the world, flying isn’t just fun—it’s a way of life. Get an inside look at what it’s like to fly over glaciers, deliver critical supplies to remote villages, and work as a bear-viewing guide.

Backcountry flying as we know it wouldn’t be possible without the Recreational Aviation Foundation (RAF), which preserves, maintains, and creates airstrips for recreational access. Be sure to read the featured article for an update on the RAF’s latest backcountry advocacy efforts, as well as a special Hartzell Propeller discount exclusively for RAF members.

Since 1917, Hartzell Propeller has been at the forefront of propeller manufacturing and design. Our experienced team is dedicated to advancing the future of flight by delivering the highest quality products and service to our customers and industry partners. After all, the phrase “Built On Honor” is more than a tagline; it’s our promise to provide the best performing, safest, and most reliable propellers for aircraft around the world. Today and every day, we’re proud to be Built on Honor.