As the world leader in aircraft exhaust systems and engine mounts, Hartzell Aerospace Welding has continued to grow its product portfolio and establish a service footprint spanning North America.

Hartzell Aerospace Welding was founded on the expertise of Aerospace Welding Minneapolis (AWI) and Aerospace Manufacturing, Inc. (AMI). AWI is the world’s largest shop for repair, overhaul, and new FAA PMA manufacturing of aircraft exhaust systems and engine mounts. AWI specializes in TIG welding, tube bending, and sheet metal fabrication.

AMI specializes in welded tube assemblies, tube bending, sheet metal fabrication, and machining for jet engine and airframe components and assemblies. AMI also produces metal details for the Hartzell Aerospace Welding brands.

In 2022, Hartzell Aerospace Welding expanded with the acquisition of Acorn Welding, Canada’s largest aircraft exhaust and engine mounts repair company and the world’s largest radial and vintage aircraft exhaust repair company. Acorn Welding is a Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA) approved maintenance organization and one of the few EASA-approved welding facilities. It is also a TCCA-approved manufacturer and holds ratings for welding, components, nondestructive testing, and structures, as well as distribution of aviation parts. The 50,000-square foot operation is well-positioned to continue to grow as a part of Hartzell Aviation.

Seaplanes West, a division of Acorn Welding, specializes in single-engine Cessna engine mount STC upgrades for both land and floatplane applications. These new and improved mounts provide turbine smooth performance.

Hartzell Aerospace Welding also partners with Quality Aircraft Accessories (QAA), which has expanded its capabilities to support aircraft exhaust overhaul and repair through its locations in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

New PMA/PDA Cessna Airboxes

Hartzell Aerospace Welding now offers airboxes and replacement parts for the most common Cessna single-engine aircraft. These airboxes use design improvements and methods developed over the years to extend the service life of these hard-working parts.

With a comprehensive catalog of FAA PMA aircraft exhaust, mounts and airboxes, as well as strategically-located FAA and Transport Canada-approved Repair Stations, Hartzell Aerospace Welding is helping operators across North America minimize downtime and keep their aircraft in top shape.