When your propeller is due for routine maintenance, an unexpected repair, or a complete propeller overhaul, where do you turn?

If you have a Hartzell propeller, you have options! In addition to Hartzell’s global network of Recommended Service Facilities, we’re proud to offer comprehensive propeller services at our Hartzell Service Center in Piqua, Ohio.

FAA-approved in 1987, the Hartzell Service Center is the only factory-owned repair station for the overhaul and repair of Hartzell propellers and governors. The state-of-the-art Hartzell Service Center currently utilizes 18,000 square feet within the Hartzell Propeller factory, conveniently located near the Piqua Airport/Hartzell Field (I17).

“The Hartzell Service Center is a significant part of Hartzell Propeller’s business and market strategy, setting the bar for quality overhaul and repairs of Hartzell products,” said Scott Foster, Director of MRO and Network Sales. “As we continue to meet our customers’ service and support expectations, we will adapt as necessary to better suit our customer base, especially as new markets develop.”

Due to substantial growth, the Hartzell Service Center has doubled the size of its workforce since 2020. Current plans to relocate the Service Center into a recently purchased facility next to the Hartzell factory will provide approximately 22,000 square feet of additional space.

Any authorized propeller repair station with the appropriate training and certifications from Hartzell can repair minor and major Hartzell composite blade damage. However, the Hartzell Service Center works extensively with Hartzell’s engineering team to perform factory-only level composite blade repairs, such as damage caused by prop ground strikes. For many factory-only repairs, the composite blade is rebuilt using a mold that ensures the prop conforms to its Type Certified design.

Choosing the Hartzell Service Center means Hartzell’s product support, engineering, manufacturing, and quality teams are nearby to observe any unusual issues firsthand, make determinations, and develop solutions on-site when appropriate. Customer service is our top priority, and our understanding of all things Hartzell is unparalleled.


When you send your propeller to the Hartzell Service Center for an airplane propeller overhaul, you can expect your finished prop to be returned in “like new” condition. That’s because we use the same inspection techniques and surface treatments as the factory where your airplane propeller was originally manufactured.

The Hartzell Service Center also features a full immersion penetrant line, which ensures the surfaces of the propeller blades and hubs are flawless. Aircraft propeller overhauls also get completely new plating or are anodized for refreshed corrosion protection. We even utilize an automated painting system to perfectly repaint your propeller blades in the original paint scheme.

We understand that many of our customers’ flight schedules can’t be delayed by waiting for a spare part to arrive. The Hartzell Service Center’s proximity to our manufacturing facility ensures that needed parts are available quickly, without the added time and expense of shipping.

Hartzell has also invested in a sizable propeller exchange inventory to help support a wide variety of aircraft. Our propeller exchange program is offered for customers requiring the ultimate convenience with minimum downtime.

This means customers can email or call the Hartzell Service Center to schedule a delivery of an exchange propeller prior to their maintenance schedule needs.

“We know that now more than ever, fleets providing charter or cargo services cannot have an aircraft down due to their propeller being serviced, and this can be said for corporate aircraft as well,” said Foster. “With the Hartzell Service Center’s extensive propeller exchange inventory, we can keep these customers operating as normal.”

Fly-in customers are able to take advantage of Ohio’s sales tax exemption for general aviation aircraft and our specialized dynamic propeller balancing service for the smoothest flight possible. Customers may also choose our convenient pickup and delivery services, and we’re happy to ship to customers around the world.

Whether you choose the Hartzell Service Center or one of our Recommended Service Facilities, you can be confident that your airplane propeller overhaul, maintenance, or repair will be prompt, professional, and performed with the utmost safety and quality. Call (937) 778-4201 or visit HartzellProp.com/Overhaul.