Look closely at any Hartzell propeller, and you’ll see the words “Built on Honor” proudly emblazoned on each blade. More than a slogan, Built on Honor is our founding principle, core value, and brand promise. Built on Honor doesn’t just describe our propellers; it’s a reflection of the care and respect we have for our customers and one another. We often describe ourselves as a family at Hartzell Propeller, because we have cultivated such a strong culture of teamwork and personal dedication to quality, service, and support. I believe this is what has set Hartzell Propeller apart for over a century, and as you’ll read in the pages to follow, the best is yet to come.

In our eighth edition of Leading Edge, we expand into new horizons of the aviation world with fascinating stories of aerospace leaders, airplane builders, professional pilots, and advocates from across the general aviation community.

First and foremost, we’re excited to introduce Hartzell Aviation, which brings together industry-leading general aviation manufacturers, suppliers, and service providers with the shared purpose of enhancing the freedom of flight and powering the future of aviation. You’ll learn more about the companies that make up the Hartzell family of brands, including Hartzell Engine Tech, Hartzell Aerospace Welding, and of course, Hartzell Propeller.

Next, we provide an update from the Recreational Aviation Foundation (RAF) and their efforts to preserve, improve, and create airstrips for recreational access. Be sure to take advantage of our special backcountry propeller discount for RAF members — now extended through the end of 2022!

We also catch up with several friends in the kitplane community, who share the unique challenges and rewards of building an airplane. Finally, you’ll learn about Hartzell Propeller’s innovative partnerships with advanced air mobility and electric/hybrid aircraft development projects around the globe.

At Hartzell, aviation isn’t just our industry — it’s our community, our family, and our legacy. Thank you for sharing our love of flight and celebrating the bright future of aviation.

JJ Frigge
President, Hartzell Propeller