Headshot of Hartzell President JJ Frigge

We have a saying at Hartzell Propeller: Aviation is in our DNA. It has been since 1917, when our founder Robert N. Hartzell first built propellers for the Wright Brothers. Now, over 100 years later, it’s this same pioneering spirit that inspires us to continue shaping the future of aviation and taking the industry to new heights.

In our seventh edition of Leading Edge, we’re proud to share our love of flight with stories celebrating all facets of the aviation world, from recreational backcountry flying to extreme aerobatics to the latest electric and hybrid aircraft developments.

We start by diving into the adventurous world of backcountry flying with the Recreational Aviation Foundation (RAF), which preserves, improves, and creates airstrips for recreational access. Be sure to read about the RAF’s most recent advocacy efforts and Hartzell’s special backcountry propeller discount exclusively for RAF members.

Next, we catch up with our friend Kevin Coleman, a professional air show pilot and air racer who was trained by some of the greatest legends in aerobatics. Seasoned pilots and aviation enthusiasts alike are sure to enjoy learning more about Kevin’s background and his advice for the next generation of aviators.

Finally, we set our sights on the future of electric and hybrid flight and the groundbreaking technology that is making it possible. Hartzell Propeller is proud to be a part of this exciting new segment of aviation with the development of custom solutions for electric propulsion systems. We highlight a few of these programs in an exclusive interview with Roei Ganzarski, CEO of magniX and chairman of Eviation.

Much has changed about aviation since Hartzell Propeller was founded. What hasn’t changed is our unwavering commitment to quality, safety, and support. You can count on us to continue investing in innovative products and technology that not only promote aviation as we know it, but propel the industry forward.

JJ Frigge
President, Hartzell Propeller