Optimized Performance for Cirrus SR22 and SR22T

If you’ve received flight training within the last decade, chances are you’re familiar with the Cirrus SR22. Since its introduction, the SR22 has been a top choice for flight schools because of its performance, reliability, and safety features. But the SR22 is more than a good training aircraft. It’s also a popular choice for personal flying, as well as small air charters and air taxi services. In 2004, the SR22 became the world’s best-selling single-engine aircraft, a title it holds to this day.

Hartzell Propeller is proud to offer cutting-edge technology for the SR series of aircraft, including the new Hartzell Odyssey propeller upgrade for Cirrus SR22 and SR22T aircraft. The four-blade, 78” diameter structural composite carbon fiber propeller offers unmistakable ramp appeal, smoother operation, better climb, faster speeds, and quieter flying, resulting in an enhanced experience for pilot and passengers.

Flight testing confirmed that the Odyssey is more than six knots faster and results in a 14 percent improvement in climb performance versus any other four-blade offering. The Odyssey is also a quieter propeller option, with a nearly 2.0 dB(a) reduction in cabin noise and a certified 2.0 dB(a) reduction in fly-over noise compared to the standard three-blade prop.

Hartzell’s new Odyssey propeller is available as an STC option on new aircraft from the factory, or from prop shops, FBOs, and directly from Hartzell through our Top Prop conversion program.