Exterior of Proptech building

RSF Spotlight: Proptech

Hartzell Propeller is known as the world’s leading propeller manufacturer, but our number one priority has always been safety. To ensure our customers are never far from the best quality overhaul and repair services, we assembled a global network of Recommended Service Facilities (RSFs). Among these highly regarded prop shops is Proptech Aero Ltd, which recently celebrated its 45th year as a Hartzell RSF.

In honor of Proptech’s milestone anniversary, we recently sat down with Steve Peters, Commercial Director, and Ali Mant, GA & Light Regional Technical Manager, to learn more about the company’s proud history and plans for the future.

Proptech has been a leading supplier of propeller maintenance, parts, and overhaul
exchanges in the UK for over 50 years. As part of the Segers Group of aviation companies, Proptech serves customers of all types, from regional airlines to government operators and the general aviation community.

“We work on everything from two-blade fixed-pitch propellers all the way up to six-blade composite propellers,” said Peters. “Although we’re based in the UK, we serve customers from around the world. Logistically, our facility is within timely shipping proximity to Asia-Pacific, which has led to strong relationships with owners and operators in Indonesia and the Philippines who send us their propellers for servicing.”

To achieve Hartzell’s RSF designation, Proptech had to meet a number of rigorous requirements, including on-site quality systems and process audits, and the use of factory-trained and highly qualified propeller experts. As a member of the RSF network, Proptech offers the highest-quality propeller overhaul and repair work available today, reflecting Hartzell’s strong customer commitment to safety and performance.

“Our longstanding partnership with Hartzell is invaluable,” said Mant, who has over 35 years of propeller experience with Proptech. “We truly feel like part of the Hartzell family. I know I can always call them up with a question, and they’ll come back nearly immediately with an answer.”

“We find that many operators have very high standards and will only send their propellers to a Hartzell RSF,” added Peters. “Having Hartzell’s endorsement builds trust with customers and sets us apart from other shops.”

With nearly 40 employees in a brand new, 26,000 square-foot facility, Proptech is continuing to expand its capabilities with special processes and modern inspection techniques. Along with standard maintenance services such as shot-peening and cold-rolling, Proptech has invested in the latest non-destructive testing and inspection methods, including fluorescent and visible penetrant testing, magnetic particle testing, eddy current testing, and 3D optical measurement.

“The technology has leapt forward greatly in just the last five years,” said Mant. “Being able to offer these advanced services in-house ensures more accurate inspection and reduces flight downtime for our customers.”

Proptech’s reputation and success in the UK led the Segers Group to add a new service facility in Dubai, called Segers Aviation. Drawing on Proptech’s decades of expertise, Segers Aviation earned Hartzell RSF status in 2014.

“Looking ahead, the company is poised for continued growth,” said Peters. “Not only are we increasing our MRO support and capabilities, but we’re also focusing on the direct sale of parts and propellers to deliver even better service, quality, and value for customers.”

At Hartzell, we’re proud to recognize Proptech’s commitment to providing world-class services to our global customers.

“For over 45 years now, Proptech has been an esteemed member of the Hartzell Recommended Service Facility network,” said JJ Frigge, President of Hartzell Propeller. “Their experience and high standards for excellence have earned them a place among an elite group of aircraft service facilities around the world.”



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