Proper lubrication is just one aspect of overall maintenance for your propeller, but it’s an important one. Here are some tips and guidelines to keep in mind before lubricating your Hartzell propeller:


Much like propeller overhauls, the interval for lubricating your propeller is defined in terms of operating hours and calendar time intervals. Remember, even propellers with low operating hours are subject to degradation and the breakdown of internal lubricants over time.
Hartzell Propeller has published specific intervals for propeller lubrication in our Hartzell Owner’s Manuals. How often you need to lubricate your propeller varies based on a few different factors, including:

• Your propeller model
• Aircraft application
• Aircraft use
• Propeller mounting position (tractor vs. pusher)

Additionally, if your propeller is operating with an “active” grease leak, it will need to be lubricated more frequently.


Lubricating your propeller may seem simple in concept, but it’s extremely important to follow the specific practices published by your propeller manufacturer. At Hartzell, we have clearly defined lubrication processes for our propellers listed in our Hartzell Propeller Owner’s Manuals. Failure to follow these instructions can result in a number of issues, such as external grease leaks, internal grease leaks that may affect the propeller’s ability to change pitch, propeller imbalance, or corrosion and wear of internal components.

One of the biggest concerns is over-servicing your propeller by applying excessive amounts of grease. This may lead to the displacement of internal or external grease seals, pitch control difficulty, or propeller imbalance which can cause unnecessary wear on the engine and propeller. If this happens, the propeller must be disassembled to remove the excess grease.


When it comes to lubricating your airplane propeller, not just any grease product will do. At Hartzell, we have researched, tested, and approved specific brands and types of grease for our propellers. If you have a Hartzell prop, use only Hartzell-approved greases as defined in the Hartzell Standard Practices Manual and Hartzell Service Letter HC-SL-61-366 found on our website.

Hartzell Propeller Grease Type Label

Your propeller should have a label (like the example above) that identifies the type of grease that was applied when the prop was last lubricated. Use the same grease type as listed on this label to re-lubricate the propeller, unless the propeller has been disassembled and the old grease removed.

Mixing different specifications and/or brands of grease is generally not permitted and may require your propeller to be disassembled and serviced by a certified propeller repair station. After your propeller has been lubricated, be sure the appropriate entry is recorded in the logbook, noting the date of service and the type of grease used.


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